The automatic door shall be an ULTRASLIDE automatic sliding door operator designed and manufactured in New Zealand by SELF OPENING DOORS LTD. The operator is to be compliant with NZS/AS 4085, standard for automatic door operators, be EMC compliant and conform to the requirements of New Zealand building code. This operator is to utilise state of art electronics to provide unmatched functionality and case of installation.

The operator shall be driven via a toothed timing belt from 40 volt DC permanent magnet, variable speed, continuously rated motor. The drive system shall be nylon wheel with encapsulated bearings on a hard anodised aluminium track ensuring a smooth, quite operation. Adjustable anti rise wheels shall prevent the doors from de railing. The operator shall be supplied in an extruded aluminium cowl 170 mm high x 160mm deep.

Locking shall be by way of an electric motor lock factory fitted to the drive shaft of the motor. This ensures no alignment problems associated with mechanical type locks.

The door functions shall be controlled by a six position membrane switch. The following modes shall be selectable:

   For normal use. The door operates in fully automatic mode for two-way traffic.
   Half Open / Three Quarter Open
   For adverse climate conditions, door operates as in auto mode but only opens halfway.
   The door will remain fully open.
   The door closes and the motor lock engages. It ignores all inputs except emergency exit, security and fire open signals.
   The door closes and the motor lock engages. The door will open for traffic leaving the building only.

a.   By Eagle 6 Microwave sensors, one on either side of the door.
b.   By dual safety light cells fitted at 100mm and 600mm above finished floor level.
c.   By backlit emergency egress button.
d.   By key entry switch.

Opening and Closing Speeds
All the following functions shall be independently adjustable. All other functions are automatically made by the microprocessor in its ignialization procedure.
* Opening speed
* Closing speed
* Dwell time
* Braking force

Failsafe and Battery
To be a fully monitored UPS system monitoring both battery and door operation. In case of power failure in auto mode the battery shall continue to provide full operation of the door for 200 complete open and close cycles. When the battery is too low to run the operator, the doors will failsafe open. In case of power failure in lock mode the battery shall retain full locking for 8 hours.

Provide a comprehensive two year repair or replacement warranty on all parts and a five year warranty on the motor/gearbox.

Security Interface Specifications - Optional Extra
The operator can be fitted with a Ultra-ID security IO panel. This interface will allow easy integration with any building management system. Wiring to building management system by others.
The interface shall have clean contact relay outputs for the following functions. These outputs are selectable by jumper to be either normally open or closed. Activation of relay is accompanied by an LED indication for easy fault diagnosis.
* Door closed
* Safety light cells blocked
* Door locked
* Door in lock mode
* Door forced
* Door in auto mode
* Battery low
* Door in controlled mode
* Mains power failure
* Doors to hold open

The interface shall have inputs for the following control functions:
* Doors to auto mode
* Open doors (latching this holds door open)
* Door to exit mode
* Fire open
* Door to lock mode
* Fire close